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Fashioncn.org is a global multi-media brand that encourages young people to live their most creative lives by covering the latest trends in a variety of creative fields, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and business, amongst others.

We have cultivated a highly engaged audience that looks to us for ideas, recommendations, and evaluations using our online media channels and the thirty issues of the magazine that we have already produced.

In Your Capacity As A Guest Blogger For Fashioncn.Org, You Will Have The Opportunity To…

  • Educate and motivate innovators and businesspeople all across the world
  • Make available to readers information and resources that are helpful to them
  • Communicate with a well-known and influential group of people with your message
  • Have your article distributed across all of Fashioncn.org’s different social platforms

Guest Blog Guidelines

  • All guest pieces must be unique and must not have been previously published.
  • For guest contributions to be published in Fashioncn.org, the content must be of high quality, interesting, and pertinent to the publication’s readers.
  • Advice, takeaways, and specific instructions on how to accomplish certain tasks should be included in guest blogs. These pieces might be on broad or specific industry themes.
  • You may only submit articles that are connected to the following topics: fashion, lifestyle, business, technology, beauty, and health.
  • It is forbidden for guest articles to contain any form of self-promotion or connections to marketing.
  • Author biographies consisting of two to three sentences can be submitted by any guest blogger. It is possible to include between one and two links to the author’s website, blog, or any other branded online location.
  • The length of a blog post ought to be somewhere in the range of 550 and 800 words.

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