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Embroidered Patches or The Woven Patches – Which Is the Best Choice? 

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The patches that are attached to any object not only act as a patch to the hole when needed, but can also be the style statement. These patches are attached to the hole either in the form of embroidered work or weaves. Each patch is of a unique kind and their difference will make them beautiful when attached to any cloth or product. 

Ultra Patches is the best destination for understanding more about woven and embroidered patches. You can even find the required information about what makes these patch types unique. Check their webpage for all the required information. 

Woven Patch 

Woven patches are the type of attachments that are etched onto the fabric with the help of threads and stitches. Different designs will be employed here to make each patch a unique and beautiful addition to any fabric. 

The type of thread that is used in case of a woven patch will be comparatively small and every detail will be clearly woven into any piece of fabric. The beauty of choosing the woven patches is that they are ideal for any kind of patch, be it a big one or a small one. Bigger patches are chosen for such requirements when there is a necessity for the addition of the details regarding any name or other such information. 

The woven patches can address any kind of design including the wave-like pattern. These are simple laser cuts and cannot be achieved from the embroidered patch option. 

The threads that are used here are not only thin but are also colorful to beautify the design that is chosen for weaving. For a high-resolution patch, woven patches are the best choice. The custom woven patches are done with the help of thinner threads and this factor makes them comparatively less durable than the embroidered patches. 

Embroidered Patches 

These are the patches that are chosen for achieving the required design in the high definition by the interlacing of the colorful threads. The threads that are used here are comparatively bigger than the ones that are used for woven patches. The final look will be just like a printed work. 

Too much addition of the information in an embroidered patch can make the final design look bizarre or even jumbled, and hence only classy, vintage or traditional looks are done with the embroidered patches. 

The beauty of choosing embroidered patches is that every piece of the custom made embroidered patches will make the final product look just the way that you want it to be. It can be done with the iron-on option and this factor makes one save extra time that will be otherwise spent on sewing the patches onto the fabric. 

The embroidered patches can hold on for a longer time and can survive multiple laundry cycles. Hence, they are quite more durable than woven patches. 

Both the woven patches and the embroidered patches have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best one based on your requirement and also understand what works the best for you. Go through all the factors and choose wisely. 

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