How to Dress in Paper Bag Pants?

Paperbag pants are making a comeback, thanks to its 80s aesthetic, comfort, and ability to enhance a defined, curved waist. Paperbag pants feature a ruffled waistband and a looser fit on the legs, and they are often created for a certain body type rather than being appropriate for a broad variety of figures. And, although paperbag pants may be a very stunning and sophisticated element of your fashion collection, you must know just how to wear them for a pleasing appearance!

However, with this year’s cropped tops and cropped cardigans, as well as the return of the spaghetti-strap tee-shirt, you’ll have a decent selection of tighter and shorter tops to offset the extra-width in the legs. And the goal of wearing paperbag pants is to balance the proportions so that the ruffled waist feature is highlighted! So continue reading to learn how to select an attractive paperbag pants style:-

How to Pick the Best Paperbag Pants Style?
The finest body shapes for wearing paperbag trousers are curvaceous hourglass or pear-shaped proportions. Paperbag pants will not flatter you if you have an apple or rectangular form with no defined waist.

Minimalist paperbag pants

Capri pants with a ruffled waist might look great on small women. Full-length paperbag pants, on the other hand, might be overly voluminous and swamp your frame if you are diminutive, so go for a cropped pair. Also, don’t let the hem fall below your ankles. Petite ladies should avoid wide-leg paperbag trousers in favour of tapered or straight-leg models. If you’re not particularly tall but don’t like cropped jeans or trousers, consider a ruffled waist skirt or shorts instead.

Best paper bag pants for plus-sizes

Choose a wide-leg pants design if you are a plus-size since the additional volume in the legs will balance out your body shape and decrease the excess fabric around your waistline. Unless you’re tall, you’ll need high-shoes to give your legs additional length, as with most of the current wide-legged models. However, tiny, strappy stiletto heels would seem out of place with a broad hem. Wear platform shoes, wedge sandals with high heels, and thick-soled sneakers with broad legs.

Tops to pair with paperbag pants
Paperbag pants lend dimension to your physique because of the ruffled waist and looser fit. Wear fitted clothes to get the greatest proportions and attractive look. When wearing a top with a ruffled waist, it must be tucked in otherwise you will seem fat and weird. If you work in an office, paperbag pants are sufficiently trouser-like to be both acceptable and stylish. When paired with a closed-toe heeled shoe and a basic blouse or shirt, you will appear sleek and modern.

Wear a form-fitting plain-colored or graphic tee-shirt for a casual appearance, such as the current spaghetti-strapped, sleeveless tees. A fitting fine-knit sweater or a long-sleeved, plain or discreetly patterned tee-shirt would work nicely for workplace. A fitting shirt or blouse in white cotton, precisely tucked-in to show off the waist detail, is ideal for more formal/professional use. Various sorts of slimline bodysuits look great with paperbag trousers, particularly if you don’t enjoy tucking your shirts in. They are ideal for keeping ruffled waist clothes in place and comfy.

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