Do You Know How You Should Choose Right Glass For You?

Often while shopping for your new glass you may wonder, which glass will suit you the best. You need to consider a few things while shopping for your new glass pair. Besides considering the shape of your face, the size of your glasses, your own personal taste is also very important.

Your best starting point will be your present pair of glasses. In case, you like your present one and the way you see yourself then the matter is easy and you can simply choose a similar shape of the frame. 

However, in case you are interested to try some new thing or it is your first glass pair then we have listed a few basic tips to choose from and will answer your basic question of what glasses suit me?

What is your face shape?

You must be perhaps aware that the majority of people prefer to change their eyeglasses almost after every 3 years. Therefore, when you are selecting a new glass pair, you will like to ensure that you will get the right shape too. There are so many different glasses to select from and knowing what will suit you the best can surely help to bring out your special facial contours. 

There are many people also there who do not like to change their eyeglasses too frequently because they find the cost of these glasses has increased so much in many retail shops. Many lens manufacturers will feature products that can often break the barrier of $1000 hence no wonder many people keep using the same old frame, but only change the glasses as per their need. 

For selecting properly, your first job is to identify what are your facial features. Generally, the following are the five main categories of shapes of the face:

  • Round
  • Square 
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Triangular

Glasses for round shaped faces

Your all features in round faces will be uniformly shaped. Rectangular glasses shapes will offer some contour, can lengthen optically, and also make your face look narrower. Your frames must be elegant, however, not too thin. 

Glasses for square faces

The forehead, chin, and cheeks all are equally broad hence jaw will be rather pronounced. Often square faces are distinctive and angular. Glasses having square frames, will not be recommended unless it is your personal choice. 

For heart-shaped faces

The heart-shaped face will be a broad forehead, narrow, tapering chin, and pronounced cheekbones. Almost every shape of the frame will look good on this kind of face shape.

Glasses for oval faces

The oval faces usually have balanced and harmonious shapes. While the chin and forehead will be rather narrow, and the cheeks will be more pronounced. They can prefer any style, whether it is round, bold, or angular.

Glasses for triangular faces

Those faces that are widest in the bottom and narrowest on top will be considered triangular faces. The following frames will particularly suit triangular faces:

  • D-frames 
  • Cat-eyes glasses 
  • Aviator 

If you like to make any bold statement, the round style may offer an interesting juxtaposition to your angular features.